Későbronzkori depólelet bronz-nyersanyag öntecsekkel, Nagydobsza - Tarbay J. G.

J. Gábor Tarbay
The Late Bronze Age “scrap hoard” from Nagydobsza. Part I.
CommArch.Hung 2015–2016
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The aim of this study is to evaluate the Late Bronze Age hoard from Nagydobsza (Hungary, Co. Baranya) from the perspective of the typo-chronological method and macroscopic examination. The Nagydobsza hoard consists of 263 artefacts (total weight: 19.053 g) which can be classified into five groups: weapons, tools, clothing parts, semi-finished products and metal working debris. According to the macroscopic investigation , the objects can be divided into different technological groups, such as finished products (in certain cases with traces of usage), unrefined products, " defected " objects, semi-finished products and metal working debris. Another important characteristic of the hoard is its highly fragmentary state, which is most likely the result of an intentional, non-votive partitioning of the objects. Although the parallels of the hoard can be dated between the Ha A1 and Ha B1 periods, it also shows strong relations to the " Gyermely type " hoards. Based on typological arguments, the assemblage was most likely deposited in the Ha B1.
Page Numbers: 87-146
Publication Date: 2016
Publication Name: Communicationes Archaeologicae Hungariae"

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