Nagyméretű bronzkori tőrök öntőformái Hatvan-Strázsahegy lelőhelyről

János Gábor Tarbay: Moulds for Large Daggers. Unique Finds from the Bronze Age Hatvan-Strázsa-hegy tell. Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 70 (2019) 5–390001-5210 © 2019 The Author
"Abstract: The present study discusses five Bronze Age sandstone casting moulds from the Hatvan-Strázsa-hegy tell
(Hungary, Heves County), which have been acquired by the Ministry of Defence Institute and Museum of Military History in the 1990s. One of the moulds is a semi-finished product, showing a negative of a dagger hilt pommel. The other four moulds were suitable to cast large triangular-shaped dagger blades and they can be arranged into two pairs, based on their dimensions and the outlines of their negatives. According to macroscopic observations, these finds have been used for a period of time, proving that advanced metallurgy was present on the Strázsa-hegy site during the Rei. Br. A. Besides they provide a chance for an evaluation of these significant objects that do not abound in parallels. The main goal of this paper is to discuss and reconstruct the life-cycle of daggers, based on macroscopic data obtained from the moulds and their parallel finds.
Keywords: casting moulds, daggers, Bronze Age (Rei. Br. A), use-wear, object’s biography"…